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What is Smart Mart?

Smart Mart is a one-of-a-kind online shopping mall. Once registered, our users have access to over 2000 products which can be bought and delivered to our customers directly with minimum effort. SmartMart’s unique service allows fast and reliable deliveries to our customers at any time of day.

What kinds of products are offered at Smart Mart?

Smart Mart is launching with seven main categories. Groceries, pharmaceuticals, electronics, stationary, baby care, pet care, and car care. For each of these categories, we are only selecting the most premium brands and A-Class products.

How can I register to Smart Mart?

You can register using one of two ways, either through Facebook or manually. You’ll need a valid email address and mobile to complete registration. A customer service agent will contact all new members to confirm all information presented in registration.

How can I make orders from Smart Mart?

All you need to do to place an order is register an account, add items to your cart, then checkout your cart. When prompted to with the checkout process, you need to choose an existing address or add a new address, choose your delivery time, and choose a payment method. Once complete, your order will arrive within the next hour.

What order types are available?

When checking out, our users have three ordering types. Deliver Now, suggests the order will be delivered within an hour. Deliver Later, suggests you can manually enter a future time on which the order to arrive. Repeat Delivery, suggests the order will re-occur in the future based on selected frequency or dates.

What payment methods can I use?

Cash on delivery and credit card are both viable payment options. Credit Card payments have to be done using either a Visa or Master Card.

How can I become a supplier?

To become a supplier, click the “Become a Supplier” link in the website footer and follow the simple steps.

How can I contact Smart Mart?

By clicking the “Contact Us” tab on the top of the website you will find alternate methods of contacting the Smart Mart management.

How much does it cost to use Smart Mart?

Smart Mart requires a fixed service fee of 20 L.E. per order, regardless of what has been ordered.

How long does a typical order take to arrive?

Because of the way Smart Mart is designed, we are continuously seeking to bring your orders faster to you. We are currently committing to deliver within an hour, but estimate an average delivery time of half an hour.

What days and times is Smart Mart operational?

Smart Mart is operational 24 hours a day and every day of the year.

Is there a minimum age to use Smart Mart?

Smart Mart users must be at least 18 years of age since there are tobacco based products.

Where can I check for past orders?

Under your account details you can find a tab that displays all your past orders.

How can I track my current orders?

You can track your order to figure out exactly what stage it’s in and where exactly it is. This can also be done from the “My Orders” section under your account details.

What happens if product is received wrong, damaged, or expired?

Smart Mart will be happy to replace any defected or wrong products free of a second service charge on the spot!

Can I order by phone?

Unfortunately it’s not customary for us to use telephones for orders. We firmly believe that our website and mobile applications are a much more efficient alternative to telephone ordering systems.

What’s the difference between Shopping Cart and Shopping List?

When adding an item you always have two options, either to add an item to your shopping list or cart. Your shopping list is represented by a heart while your shopping cart is a cart icon. Your new virtual shopping list should have all the products you’re saving for a later purchase. Once you decide to have them delivered, you can simply move them to your cart, edit their quantity if needed, and check out.

How can you leave feedback?

You can leave feedback in the footer of the website under the “Feedback” link.

How can I request a product unavailable in the shop?

In the footer of the website there is a “Product Request” link which you can use to request up to 5 products per day. You will also need to use an accurate name and brand of the product.